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Peter Χenopoulos

Peter Xenopoulos

Peter Xenopoulos started his American dream at a very young age while a student at Queens College, Peter was making fresh donuts daily and this is how his love for Hospitality was born.


Once he completed his bachelor’s in economics, Peter
started his Masters at Stonybrook State University.
45 years later Peter has owned and operated 77 restaurants in New York City and 17 restaurants overseas.


With world-renowned brands including
Carnegie Diner & Café, Pizza & Shakes, Café Europa, PAX foods, Roast Kitchen, TGI Fridays, Pax Burgers, and Napolitivo.

Peters’ passion for hospitality is synonymous with his love to entertain guests and patrons in his restaurants. He strongly believes that success is a three-factor road, Management, Concept, and Location.

He has been married for over 50 years to his high school sweetheart Evanthia Xenopoulos and he has 2 children.

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Stathis Antonakopoulos

With over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry in NYC, Stathis Antonakopoulos is the CEO of Carnegie Hospitality since 2019.

Carnegie Hospitality currently operates two Carnegie Diner & Café locations and a third one is in the designing phase. In addition, CH is operating Pizza & Shakes a QSR restaurant that serves freshly made-to-order Pizzas, Milkshakes & Gelatos. Carnegie Catering and 3 ghost Kitchens (Organic Burger House, NYC Pancake House, NYC
Pastrami House).


Stathis is a graduate of Baruch College of CUNY, with a Bachelors in Operations Management and International Marketing and MBA studies in Psychology of Online Marketing from NYIT in New York City.

A results-oriented, dedicated, and well-rounded hospitality executive with comprehensive experience in both front and back-of-house functions, including a variety of upscale operations each requiring complex and demanding skills.


A competent professional with a demonstrated track record of consistently combining management and leadership in the food industry.
Highly knowledgeable in overall restaurant operations with sound business practices in achieving long-term growth and company profitability. Demonstrates exceptional problem-solving adeptness, well-developed team leadership, and supervisory capabilities.

Stathis is married to his wife for 16 years and has an 8-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter.

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